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SWAN BANK POTTERY, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent

A photographic record of the excavation as it progressed


Excavations began in 2007 and continued through 2008. We did not restart in 2009 due to the very sad death of the landowner.  Periodically as the dig progressed, photographs and notes about the excavation appeared on this website in the News. These news items were interspersed with news of our other activities, and are now far down in the news archive accessed via the "More news..." link at the bottom of each news page. In order to make the Swan Bank/Clayhanger Street news items easier to find, links to them are below: click on any thumbnail to reach the relevant news item.


Click on a thumbnail to see more pictures from that stage in the excavation


14Oct-Dig Starts



The dig started on 14th October 2007







By the end of October, the remains of the 19th century oven had been revealed, followed by ...





18th C oven floor



Evidence of the 18th C oven floor beneath - complete with sagger!




More 18C floor


Now it is nearing the end of November, and we have revealed more of the floor of the 18C oven - and more salt-glaze saggars




Last day 2007 Tired but satisfied members having completed backfilling at the end of the 2007 season (Maureen's broken arm is unrelated to the day's activity!)


19C hovel wall


We restarted excavation in April 2008 by working on the hovel wall of the 19C oven, and adjacent features





Muffle oven


Now it is May, and we have uncovered a muffle oven with firebar supports and some of the firebars, still in place




Area B


In June we opened up Area B, to the south of Area A






Drainage ditch


Just before we closed the site in July, we excavated this drainage ditch, in which was some of the earliest pottery we found on site including this...




Chafing dish

... Midlands Purple chafing dish, probably dating from the 16th Century

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