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The pictures above show members of SOTMAS working on a geophysics survey of the mound in Park Lane, Endon. Tradition associates this mound with the D’ Audley family from the 13th century.

John Sleigh's "History of Leek", published in 1862, has an entry for Endon which contains the following text (the "it" referred to in the first line is Endon):


History of Leek

This image is taken from a Google Books copy of "A history of the ancient parish of Leek..."

We carried out magnetometry and resistivity surveys on the site in August 2012.

Park Lane crosses through the site, splitting the visible mound into two parts: that which is in the field to the north of the road, and that in the field to the south. The magnetometry survey covered all the raised part of the mound in both fields.

The resistivity survey was restricted to the more interesting parts of the mound in the two fields. The mound in the north field has been badly damaged by the laying of two separate water mains and the insertion and removal of a large electricity post.

The resistivity survey is extremely interesting. The northern part, despite the modern excavations, does appear to show the continuation of the building seen so clearly in the southern area. The southern area shows a very clear rectangular feature towards the east, which we are interpreting as a tower base. A further similar feature further to the south is also thought to be a tower base. Areas of disturbed results are thought to indicate fallen walls or building rubble.

Our dig director, Winston Hollins has written a full report from which I have extracted the following diagrams visualising (L) and interpreting (R) the resistivity results:

[The yellow text says "Fallen walls?"; the green says "Line of ridge and furrow"]

The full report and all the detailed results can be downloaded using the links below.

Report and results data


Report: Winston's report can be downloaded as a pdf file here.


Survey data: All the survey results are in this zip file, which includes Snuffler data files and Excel spreadsheets containing resistivity, magnetometry and contour survey results from last year's survey and earlier surveys the society has undertaken on the site.



Stoke-on-Trent Museum Archaeological Society, March 2013