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The Society's Constitution is a document which records the rules by which the Society operates. It is formally controlled and amendable only by agreement with the membership of the Society at a General Meeting. Amendments are recorded in the document itself. The rules were originally set down in the document in April 1964.


In 2014, the editor of this website was asked to make the document available here so that all members could read it. However it was apparent that due to the number of amendments which had been made since 1964, some sections were confusing to read. The manuscript contains 29 sections, some of which have been amended many times. So the editor decided to scan the original manuscript then transcribe it to record only the latest version of each section.

You can download the transcript as a pdf file using the link below. At the end of the transcript, after the Index, are Editorial Notes where the original date and the date of every amendment are listed for each section of the document.

Transcript of the Constitution as at January 2018: Download pdf here.

A pdf of the scanned original document (as it stood in December 2014) is available on request to members: email your request to the webmaster (find the address via the "Internet" page)

Stoke-on-Trent Museum Archaeological Society, 13th January 2018