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New books, and 2014 Opening Dates


While I have been on holiday, members of our committee have been busy booking our meeting rooms in the Museum and buying books for the Library. (I'm sure they've been doing other things as well, but these are what they've told me about so far). You can find out what books have been acquired on the Library page, and our 2014 Opening Dates on the Opening Dates page. The first date in the New Year is the 10th January - hope to see lots of you there!


15th December 2013


Society Library - Acquisitions


Over the last year, our librarian has acquired several new books and reports for our library. You can see a list of these books on our Library page.

As books are acquired for the library, I will add their titles to that page without further notification here.



Autumn 2013 Lecture Programme


Our new lecture programme covers a wide range of very interesting topics - Mesolithic/Neolithic footprints in Formby, Bronze Age Burnt Mounds, the discovery of Richard III's remains in that Leicester Car Park, and the history of Shugborough from the Bronze Age onwards. For dates and times, see our Lectures page.



The Bridestones: Historical Background Report


 Colin Sparkes has written a detailed historical background paper on the Bridestones. He surveys historical descriptions of the monument, and compares the Bridestones with other Neolithic tombs having similar features.

You can now download a copy of this paper here from our Bridestones page.



Coxbank Farm 2013 excavation completed, 11th July

with a summing-up report (added on 19th August)


We have now backfilled this year's excavation at Coxbank Farm.

This has been an extremely successful excavation - we have found a large (ca 2.5 metres by 0.75 metre) trough which shows evidence of having been wood-lined (though no remains of any wood were found). We also found evidence of a working surface which had been made at one end of the trough, and in the stones of this surface we found a relatively large (ca 11cm by 9cm) pot sherd. Some small worked flints also emerged. Pictures (click for a larger view) of trough and pot sherd are below. See our pictorial diary page for more pictures.

Our Dig Director, Winston, has written a summing-up report on this year's excavation - find it here.





Coxbank Farm 2013 excavation updated to 21st June


We think we may have found the trough of a Bronze Age burnt mound at Coxbank Farm. To see the pictorial diary, updated to 21st June, click here.


We have received a report from the lab in New Zealand where we sent some of last year's charcoal for carbon dating: the result is the same as that for the other mound  that we excavated on this farm in 2006: ca 1300 BC - definitely Bronze Age.


While excavating the latest mound recently, Winston found a small flint tool. Here's a picture taken by Dave Thomas.

To see the other side of the flint, see the Coxbank 2013 diary.




Guided Walk around Roman Buxton


Members, don't forget the guided walk around Roman Buxton which has been organised for the Society. As notified in a recent email, we will meet at 11:00 am on Sunday 23rd June 2013 outside the Tourist Office in the Pavilion Gardens at Buxton. The guided walk is free for members. Guests are welcome to attend but they will be asked to pay a small fee of £3 (£1.50 for students).



Coxbank Farm excavation, 2013


We are currently working on what appears to be a Bronze Age burnt mound at Coxbank Farm. To see how we are getting on, click here for a week-by-week pictorial diary.



Additional Lecture


We are delighted to add an extra lecture evening to the Spring series. Stephen Dean (Principal Archaeologist, SCC) has kindly agreed to visit SOTMAS and talk to us about field walking, using the latest Hammerwich/Hoard site as an example.  He will also be updating us about the latest Hoard finds.

This lecture will be given in the usual place (see our lectures page for more information) on Friday 24th May 2013 at 7:30 pm.



The news which previously appeared on the rest of this page related to 2012, and can now be found by following the "More News" link below. Details of all the fieldwork and reports mentioned there can be found via the "Fieldwork and Trips" menu, above.



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