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The large assemblages of Roman pottery which we found on the site during our 7 years of excavations are currently undergoing expert study. When reports are completed, they will be made available on this page for download.


Samian ware

Our samian ware specialist (Dr. Gwladys Monteil of Nottingham University) has completed a preliminary analysis of the date distribution of that type of sherd found on site, and I reproduce her graph below. Click on it for an expanded view.


Samian date graph


In the text on the right of the graph, she singles out one particular piece, a beaker (pictured below) which we found in 2003 in one of the road ditches. Her annotation reads: "The beaker from TGF3 (road) (3) is NOT British Samian but an import from Lezoux - Form is: Dechelette 64 date: 120 - 140. Potter: BUTRIO probably"

(Lezoux is in Puy-de-Dome in the Auvergne region of France).

Here are two pictures of this beaker - as found and as restored (click on a picture for a closer view). These photos were taken by Dave Thomas.


Samian beaker from Lezoux ca 120-140AD


Samian beaker restored


And here is a page from the "Catalogue of the Roman pottery in the departments of antiquities, British Museum" (pub. 1908) showing a drawing of Dechelette form 64. You can read this most interesting book here.


Dechelette forms 64-72


The graph itself shows that the site was occupied until at least ca 180AD. For further information about the graph and about the Samian pottery finds themselves and any other conclusions that can be drawn from them, we eagerly await the full report which will be posted here when it is available.


Roman shoes


You can find David and Maureen Thomas's short report on the shoes we found in the well on this page.


Quita Mould, leading archaeological leather specialist, has written a very comprehensive report on the Tollgate Farm leather finds. You can read it in the following pdf files:


* The body of the report

* Figures for the above

* Methodology adopted in preparing the report

* One-piece shoes catalogue

* Nailed shoes catalogue

* Folded Hide catalogue

* Leather Waste catalogue


All the shoe photographs in the report and the catalogues were taken by SOTMAS photographer David Thomas.





David Thomas's report on the seeds found in the Roman well is on this page.



Stoke-on-Trent Museum Archaeological Society, August 21st, 2017