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Roman Shoes




On this page is a collection of thumbnails linking to photographs of some special finds from Tollgate Farm which are otherwise hard to find in the news and gallery pages. Some of the photos are new and do not appear elsewhere on this website.


This is an initial selection - I may pick out more later.


All photographs, unless otherwise attributed, were taken by the Society's chief photographer, Dave Thomas.


Click on a thumbnail to see the bigger picture.


Decorated samian - boxers?
(Found in 2004)
Nicolo intaglio
Imitation nicolo intaglio
(Found in 2004)
Black dish
Black, samian style dish
(Found in 2004)
Bruscus mortarium
Mortarium inscription - Bruscus?
(Found in 2005)
Vespasian coin
Vespasian coin
(Found in 2005)
Spouted pot
Spouted pot
(Found in 2005)
Wroxeter intaglio
Intaglio found at Wroxeter
in an iron ring
Tollgate intaglio front
Intaglio found at Tollgate
Farm in 2006
Tollgate intaglio back
The back of the
Tollgate Farm intaglio

Disc brooch
Disc brooch
(Found in 2006)

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Obverse of forged Vespasian
denarius (Found in 2008)
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Reverse of forged Vespasian
denarius (Found in 2008)
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Obverse of Trajan
coin (Found in 2008)
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Another Trajan coin
(Found in 2008).. obverse
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... and
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Bronze toggle-like object
found in 2008
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Two views of
a spouted pot sherd...
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... found
in 2008
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The two sides
of the spoon...
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... found
in 2008
Large-headed pin Fibula 1 Fibula 2 Mirror shard
These finds returned from conservation in 2006. More info and pictures can be found here



And finally (for now), some finds from the well which we excavated in 2009-2010:


Deer antler
Red deer stag antler
(Shed naturally, not cut off)
Boxwood comb side A
The two sides of the
box wood comb...
Boxwood comb side B
... a rare find, combs usually
being made of bone
Scapula tool
A cow scapula, possibly
used as a tool
Cow hide
Tanned cowhide, as found
More pics on this page
Tray of shoes
Shoes, as found.
Many shoes are shown here



Stoke-on-Trent Museum Archaeological Society, January 2011.