The Stonehenge Riverside Project


Seven members of the Society went down to Durrington Walls on Saturday 9th September to see Mike Parker-Pearson's Stonehenge Riverside Project. This is an ongoing project, covering several years already and interim reports may be found from the links below. We met at Old Sarum and were fortunate enough to be visiting on Heritage Day, so we were able to visit the site for free. After lunch we moved on to Durrington where we met up with Phil Harding, of Time Team fame, who was giving a flint knapping demonstration. After a brief conversation with Mike Parker-Pearson, we were shown around the various dig sites. It was all very fascinating and we are promised a talk on the dig by one of the co-directors, Dr. Julian Thomas, at the end of November. A wonderful and rare opportunity to see a Neolithic excavation in progress.


Members of Stoke-on-Trent Museum Archaeological Society with Phil Harding of Wessex Archaeology and Channel 4’s Time Team - click to enlarge...


The photographs are taken by Dave Thomas.


Old Sarum and Durrington Walls Gallery


Stonehenge Riverside Project: Part I


Durrington Walls: A Time Team Special


Stoke-on-Trent Museum Archaeological Society, August 2006.


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